GLADIATORS says,"Buh-Bye! I just logged off!" (Mon 7:54pm)

AFL offices says,"good luck Bill!" (Mon 7:54pm)

GLADIATORS says,"awesome good luck everyone" (Mon 7:54pm)

AFL offices says,"Thanks everyone and good luck to all." (Mon 7:54pm)

AFL offices says,"sorry about the early delay" (Mon 7:53pm)

AFL offices says,"I think that concludes the draft this year - finally" (Mon 7:53pm)

AFL offices says,"See ya Nick" (Mon 7:52pm)

AFL offices says,"Fire puts Mendenhall on IR and takes Rodgers-Atlanta Rb" (Mon 7:52pm)

AFL offices says,"CG selects takes jags D" (Mon 7:51pm)

Juggs says,"Take care fellas!" (Mon 7:51pm)

AFL offices says,"Ts selects Panthers D as his roster is incomplete" (Mon 7:51pm)

AFL offices says,"BA selects Lindell - K" (Mon 7:50pm)

AFL offices says,"Thanks Ken!" (Mon 7:50pm)

Tough Tacos says,"thanks again fellas! Good luck!" (Mon 7:49pm)

Tough Tacos says,"thx" (Mon 7:49pm)

AFL offices says,"OK-u got him" (Mon 7:49pm)

Tough Tacos says,"If K Bullock I'll take him" (Mon 7:48pm)

war eagle says,"later..." (Mon 7:48pm)

AFL offices says,"tacos are up" (Mon 7:48pm)

clifton Giants says,"Buh-Bye! I just logged off!" (Mon 7:48pm)

clifton Giants says,"good season everybody" (Mon 7:48pm)

war eagle says,"SD - DST" (Mon 7:47pm)

AFL offices says,"OK, mike" (Mon 7:47pm)

AFL offices says,"then tacos" (Mon 7:47pm)

clifton Giants says,"hey Brian, i got to go can you pick a Defense for me, thanks" (Mon 7:47pm)
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