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Fantasy Baseball Keeper Cap
Leagues for the 2023

Welcome to the Fantasytime Sports Keeper Cap fantasy baseball leagues.  Keeper Cap Leagues offer you a long term commitment to your team.  That's right, YOUR TEAM. This is a league where you get to draft, sign your players a salary, trade, and build a team just like in the pro games. The rules are almost the same as the Regular Season Leagues, but you only draft your initial team once. 

After the completion of the first season, you will be able to sign players from Free Agency. To complete your roster a Rookie/Free Agent draft will be held. This will be the case for every year after as well.                    

Available Leagues

Looking to enjoy your favorite players for a long time? Then this is the league for you. Gather up your friends and come compete against the world and become a Fantasytime Diamond Champion.  The league fee for the Keeper Cap leagues are as follows:

  • A annual $55 League fee.

No other charges for transactions or trades ever. 

Keeper Cap League Prizes cash prizes and more.

Check out RULES for the official scoring, rules, and league prizes

Official Scoring.


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