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Fantasytime Baseball Keeper Cap Leagues are for the diehard fantasy baseball owners.  It is the most exciting way to enjoy fantasy baseball all year.  As a Keeper Cap League owner, you will draft, trade, set salaries, and manage your own team year round just like in the major leagues.  Each team must sign their players to yearly salaries while staying under the league salary cap.  Each team entry will pay a one time registration fee of $25.  The league fee will be $55 per team every year.  There are no other charges for trades or transactions ever.  Keeper Cap leagues are about 9 months long as they start in February for free agency and run through September.
Your team will be placed in a 12 team league where you will draft your initial team live online. This team will now be yours as long as you remain an owner.  After the initial draft, you will sign all your players to salaries.  A maximum salary cap of 56 years will be set.  Your total salary years must never exceed the leagues salary cap.  (The rules are listed below)  Each league is made up of 12 teams containing 2 divisions. You will participate each year in the same league.  Your team will compete in a 20 week regular season schedule where you will go head to head with the others in your league.  The top team in each division will be seeded 1 and 2 respectively in the playoffs. The remaining top 4 teams in the league will round out the playoff field.  The winner of the playoffs will be crowned the Fantasytime Diamond Champion.
Remember this is a Keeper Cap league, so the fun never ends.  The next season will begin in February each year.  This is when Free Agency will begin.  Each team will have a chance to bid on players that are listed as free agents.  You will be spending your Fantasytime Dollars to sign them to new salaries.  The bidding will be conducted on a bulletin board in your league area.  All bids must be in multiples of point five. (example 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 ...) Only free agent signings and trades will be conduct during this time period. See free agency & trading for more details.  After the free agency period has ended, the league will hold a Free Agent Draft to complete your team roster. The following information bellow will describes the league fee, prizes, scoring, draft options, salary cap, and complete rules..
All team entries must register their team name with the league at a cost of $25.  This is a one time fee.  The first year you participate in the Keeper Cap Leagues your total cost will be $80.  This also applies to anyone that purchases an existing franchise.  After the first season has been completed, the league fee for the following seasons will be $55 per year.  Here is the annual break down of the league fees.  

This is a one time charge for all new teams. Each team entry will be charged the registration fee. It insures us that you are committed to your franchise team and that you are in this league for the long run. If you are purchasing an existing team, you will also be required to pay this one time registration fee.

The annual league fee for the Keeper Cap League is $55 per team. This is a flat fee and there are no other charges for trades or transactions. The league fee is due prior to the live draft or the winter meetings prior to the free agency period. After you have registered your team, this will be the only fee that you will pay each year. It is a very inexpensive way to have fun each season.
Total cost for year 1 $80
Total cost for year 2 $55
Total cost for year 3 $55
Total cost for year 4 $55
* The League fee will remain at $55 each year and will only be changed if the cost of the league rises tremendously. A one year notice of an increase would be given if a rise in cost was necessary. *

LEAGUE FEE DUE DATE For Returning League Owners

League fees are due prior to Free Agency for the 2021 season. (2/26/2019)
Any teams not paid in full at that time will be issued a $10 late fee and will have 30 days to pay their league fee and late fee.  If it is not paid in full by then, the team may be put up for sale. If a team owner has any problems, they need to notify the commissioner right away.

(12 Team Leagues)
The Fantasytime Diamond Champion will win $230 *
The Fantasytime Bowl Runner-up will win  $100 *

(10 Team Leagues)
The Fantasytime Diamond Champion will win $170 *
The Fantasytime Bowl Runner-up will win  $70 *

Each Division Winner 3 FD's, to be given out after rosters lock for the season

* If there are any for sale teams in your league, a deduction from the overall prizes will be $30 for each for sale team and the difference deducted from the 1st and 2nd place prize equally. If a team that is for sale is sold, the deduction for that team will not be made. For sale teams will be run by the commissioner and will be considered a real team keeping the leagues competitive until new owners are found. ($30 would be $20 less the champ and $10 the runner up  $60 would be 40 less the champ and $20 less the runner up). Max deduction would be for 2 for sale teams only.  Any more teams for sale then that, the league would be evaluated.
Head-to-Head, Points based system
 Scoring for Batting Categories 
Play Type Description

Points awarded

1B - Singles 1 pt   
2B - Doubles 2 pts
3B - Triples 3 pts
BB - Walks (Batters) 1 pt   
CS - Caught Stealing -1 pt    
E - Errors -1 pt    
GSHR - Grand Slam Home Runs 4 pts
HP - Hit by Pitch 1 pt  
HR - Home Run 4 pt  
KO - Strikeouts (Batters) -1 pt   
R - Runs 1 pt  
RBI - Runs Batted In 1 pt  
SB - Stolen Bases 1 pt  

 Scoring for Pitching Categories 
Play Type Description

Points awarded

B - Balks -1 pt
BBI - Walks Issued (Pitchers) -.5 pt
BS - Blown Saves -2 pts
CG - Complete Games 5 pts
ER - Earned Runs -1 pt
HA - Hits Allowed -.5 pt
HB - Hit Batsmen -1 pt
INN - Innings 1 pt
K - Strikeouts (Pitchers) 1 pt
L - Losses -2 pts
NH - No-Hitters 10 pts
S - Saves 4 pts
SO - Shutouts 5 pts
W - Wins 6 pts
WP - Wild Pitches -1 pt

Deadlines outlined in the following rules are all listed in
Eastern Standard Time (EST).
All deadlines will be strictly enforced.

When you enter a team, you must submit a team name. Team names cannot be duplicated. Once you create a name, that name is yours for life. When making your team name, be creative and remember that the names will reflect you. You may only use the same team name once in each of our sports leagues. If you have 2 or more teams in one of our sports leagues, please make different names for each of them. You are encouraged to use the same team names year after year and maybe you might find yourself in the Fantasytime Sports HALL of FAME. For multiple entries, you may use a Roman Numeral after your name. We have no affiliation with Major League Baseball and official MLB team names will not be allowed. Try to avoid team names that may be offensive to other owners. We reserve the right to reject obscene names. (Once your name is in the program, do not change your name. If you wish to change your name, e-mail the commissioner. Changing your name in the program may cause you to default your waiver position.)

Team rosters will be made up of 25 positions at all times. Each team roster will be required to have the following:
Position Players Minimums
1 (1B)
1 (2B)
1 (3B)
1 (SS)
1 (CA)
3 (OF)
1 (DH) This is a free position and you may use any position player as your DH.  Anyone of your position players can be the DH.  A player that is listed as a DH only in MLB may only be used as a DH.  Example: Harold Baines
2 (RP)
3 (SP or RP) PITCHERS: You will start 5 pitchers so you need to have at least 5 pitchers per roster.  You may only start up to 3 starting pitchers so you need to have at least 2 Relief Pitchers.
The remaining 11 spots are up to you.  It would be advised to have a back up at each position and at least 3 extra pitchers on your bench.


Our league's scoring periods are Weekly Monday through Sunday.
Lineups for each scoring period are due prior to 10 AM EST on the first day of the scoring period. Lineups submitted after 10 EST will go into effect at the beginning of the next scoring period. If a lineup is not submitted the computer program will submit one for you and it will be considered official.

Your starting roster will be made up of 9 position players and 5 pitchers with no more than 3 starting pitchers. Remember that you need to have at least 2 relief pitchers. Your starting roster to be turned in weekly will include:

Position Players
1 (1B)
1 (2B)
1 (3B)
1 (SS)
1 (CA)
3 (OF)
1 (DH) any batter can be used as DH
NOTE: Players need to be listed for a position to play at a position.
Pitchers that do not have a SP or RP and are listed as P only will be considered a SP until they qualify other wise.

Lineups & Time Away
If you plan to be away for a long period of time, inform the league and you may have us run your team for you while you are away.  If at anytime you need help, Fantasytime Sports is here for you.  E-mail:

If you do not submit a lineup, the commissioner will put one if for you using his best judgment.

Our leagues are all about fun and with us you are not just a number but true valued owners.

If a team does not submit , or submits a lineup containing a player (s) on the IR/DL for more than 3 days,  the Fantasytime Sports commissioner will replace that player (s) with an active player in their place.   The player that will be replacing the IR player will be the commissioners choice and in most situations it would be the highest scoring player at that position on that teams bench or a DH.   The same will be done for a player that has experienced a season ending injury or has been cut from a team and is no longer active.   This rule will keep the leagues more competitive and guard against teams from having incomplete rosters.  This rule is used to strengthen the league.  All teams should compete on a fare and competitive level each week.  Some teams may not have a player available at a position due to injury.  In this case, the spot cannot be changed by the league.  The commissioner will evaluate the weekly lineups and make the changes if necessary for the team. Weekly lineups need to be submitted or they will be put in for you!

Any team that does not update their roster for a period of three weeks during the regular season or has not had contacted the league in this time period will be considered abandon. If a team has been ruled as abandoned, the league commissioner will run the team for the remainder of the season. All efforts will be made by the league before announcing a team as abandoned. The franchise will then be sold at years end.

Fantasytime Dollars (FD's) are the monetary way you will acquire your players outside of the draft.  It is the method you will use to sign your free agents and transaction players to a salary and set the length of their salary years.  The more FD's your team has, the more liquid your team is considered to be.  You might consider your Fantasytime Dollars as the teams cash.  It is not real money, but it is your teams liquid asset.  Any player drafted in the Initial or Free Agent/Rookie Draft can be signed to any yearly salary length without being charged any FD's.  Each team must sign each player on their roster to a set yearly salary while not exceeding the league salary cap of 56 years per team. Salary Cap information is listed below.  Each team will be given 25 FD's after you have signed your initial team to salaries and set the lengths of the salary years.  You may use FD's to make transactions or to change your players salary years throughout the season.  Remember that FD's are what you will use to sign players during free agency so don't get to carried away picking up worthless players unless you feel this is your year to go for the title. 

FDs are give out after ROSTERS LOCK for the current year. All salary upgrades are made prior to more FDs being issued. If you have 0 No FDs will be given. If a team is abandon, the league can grant the abandon team up to 8 years of salaries to keep the team viable.

 FD's will be given out at he end of the season and rosters are locked.  Each team will receive 15 FD's after the Fantasytime Diamond Championship has been completed and all rosters have been updated. This means that 15 FD's are given to each team after the MLB World Series has been played.  Each team will also receive FD's for the final standing in the league . This is given out at after the World Series as well.  The distribution is as follows:  0 FD for the #1 Seed,  3 FD's for the #2 seed, 5 FD's for the #3 seed, 6 FD's for the #4 seed, 7 FD's for the #5 seed, 8 FD's for the #6 seed, 9 FD's for the #7 seed, 10 FD's for the #8 seed, 12 FD's for the #9 seed, 13 FD's for the #10 seed, 14 FD's for the #11 seed, 16 FD's for the #12 seed.     This is done to give the weaker teams a better chance of improving their team in the future.  Each team will also receive 18 FD's after the completion of the FREE AGENT Draft which includes the bidding on any cut players in that draft.  FD's can be included in trading and in the off season.  See trading for rules and correct dates.

The salary cap for all Keeper Cap Leagues will be a maximum of 56 years per team. A teams total salary years assigned to their players can be equal to, but not greater than 56 years. Each team must sign their players on their rosters to salaries. Each salary year will cost 1 FD. 

Each team will be made up of 25 players.  The first 25 players on your roster will be drafted during the initial draft.  Once the draft has been completed, you will have a time period of two weeks to sign all your players to salary years.  If you do not submit a salary list to the league, your players will be considered all 1 year salary players and your first pick in the draft will be your Franchise 5 year player.  Any player drafted in the initial or FREE AGENT Draft can be assigned to any type of salary without being charged any FD's.  The length of the years must not exceed the salary cap for your team.  No player on your roster can be traded until your salaries have been submitted and approved by the commissioner.  Your team will always be made up of 25 players and they will always be required to be signed to a salary.

Each team may also have up to 3 Taxi squad players which do not count against the cap as they will be valued as 0 on the roster.  Listed below are the rules and terms for signing your team players to salaries and the length of the salaries.

Salary years are the amount of time that you own a player for and the amount that it cost against your teams salary cap. When a players salary years length has run out, he will be available to be bid on during the Free Agent period. The previous owner will be able to retain a player (restricted free agent), but they will need to match the bid that has been wagered. No team may bid more FD's than they have current on their team. If a restricted free agent player is not bid on during the free agency period, he will now be considered a unrestricted free agent. This player will now be available for the Free Agent/Rookie Draft.

Each team must have 1 Franchise player on there roster at all times. The limits and values to the Salary Years are as follows:
Franchise Salary Player, cost 10 against the cap
(min 1 player max 1 player)
5 Year Salary Player, cost 5 against the cap
(min 0 max 1 players)
4 Year Salary Players, cost 4 against the cap
(min 0 players max 3 players)
3 Year Salary Players, cost 3 against the cap
(min 0 players)
2 Year Salary Players, cost 2 against the cap
(min 0 players)
1 Year Salary Players,  cost 1 against the cap
(min 10 players during the season)

As you can see, you must always have a Franchise Player and a minimum of 10, 1 year salary players.

The year that the initial salary is given is the year the salary starts to mature from. The signing year never changes unless the salary expires or is released to free agency. The salary years can be increased but never decreased unless released to free agency where the player will be listed as a unrestricted free agent. 

Salary Examples: how to read your players salary:
1B John Doe (0,1) Means signed in the year 2020 for 1 year
CA John Doe (9,3) Means signed in the year 2019 for 3 years
SP John Doe (7,5) Means signed in the year 2017 for 5 years

The first number is the year signed to a salary and never changes unless released to free agency. The Second number is the amount of years a player is signed for and can only be increased if a team has the FD's, Cap, and roster qualifications.

Trading players: If you trade a player (s), the salary signing year does not change and the salary years assigned will remain the same and could only be increased. FD's will be charged for any increase to a team getting increased salaries.

3 Trade Examples effecting FD's and the Salary cap
(1) Team A trades Player A (0,1) to Team B for Player B (0,1) No FD's are charged as the salaries are equal. Salary caps would not change as salaries are not changed
(2) Team A trades Player A (0,1), Player B (9,3) to team B for Player C (0,1) and Player D (0,1) Team B is charged 2 FD's for the salary increase. The salary cap for Team A will go down by 2 years and Team B salary cap will increase by 2 years.
(3) Team A trades Player A (0,1), Player B (8,3), and Player C (9,2) to team B for Player C (0,1) and Player D (0,1) and Player E (8,4) Team A is charged 1 FD for the salary increase and Team B is charged 1 FD for the salary increase. The salary cap for each team would not be change as the salaries would still be the same amount although salary years have changed.

When a player is assigned a salary, the player must last at least the term of the pre-assigned salary years unless released. Upgrading a players salary years will cost your team 1 FD for each year you increase the year. Since the salary years can only be extended, the start date of the salary will never change. If you trade a player that has a 1 year salary, and you receive a 4 year salary player in return, you will be charged 3 FD's for the increase in salary years. It does not matter how much time is left on the salary, but only the amount of the salary that had been assigned. Example: (9,4) is a 4 year salary signed in 2019. (8,4) is a 4 year salary signed in 2018.

Salary years can be adjusted anytime up until at the end of the season. From the start of the Free Agency period through the start of the Major League Playoffs salaries can be adjust upwards as long as you have cap room and meet roster limits. After week 25 has concluded, any team may adjust their salary years to their players as well as drop players on there rosters before rosters lock. Rosters lock when the MLB Playoffs End and are frozen until the following seasons free agency period. NOTE: after week 25 through the end of the Free Agent/Rookie Draft is the only time that your roster may be incomplete. This will allow any team the ability to change salary years and drop players to make room for Free Agency.

At the end of the season, any expiring players will still count towards your teams cap unless you cut them.  Expiring players count against your cap until they are removed. They are removed after the rosters lock.  Expiring players are restricted free agents.  If you cut a player, the empty spot will be represented as a 1 year salary spot against the cap.  The cut player will also be considered an unrestricted free agent.

At no time may a team have more players than the maximum amount of 25 players. This does not count the injured reserve players who become activated at seasons end. If you have IR players at the end of the season, they will be activated after week 23. You will have until rosters lock to inform the league of what player will be dropped to make room to activate that player. If they are not activated they will be cut.  Salary cap rules are always in effective as well. At least 10 players must go to free agency each season from each team. This means that each team may only have up to 15 players on their roster in the off season.  Expired players and cut players count as players going to free agency.  IR players released do not count as each team can have only 15 players on there rosters when the rosters lock.

Franchise Salary Player - Each team is required to have 1 franchise player named at all times. Each team must sign one player to a franchise salary after the initial draft. A franchise salary will cost a team 10 years towards the salary cap. If a franchise player is signed anytime other than a draft, he will cost 10 FD's. If you are upgrading a current roster player, the FD's charged would be the difference from their current years from 10. This player is yours for life. He can be dropped, but you must replace him immediately on your roster. The best time to do this is at seasons end or during a draft. If you release or trade a franchise player, this player cannot play for your team again for a period of 1 year. This will guard against a team from dropping and reacquiring that player in free agency in the same season. A Franchise player should be a player that you really enjoy and would want around for a long time. It dose not necessarily need to be your best player, but at least a good player that you could use for many years.  If you cut a Franchise player at years end, you must name another one no later then the Rookie/Free Agent Draft.  The empty spot would be still count 10 years against the cap.

5 Year Salary Player - Each team will only be allowed to have a maximum of one, 5 Year salary player on their team. You are not required to have any 5 year salary players on your team. Signing a player to a 5 year salary will cost your team 5 FD's unless he is signed during a draft period where you are not charged any FD's.

4 Year Salary Players - Each team will only be allowed to have a maximum of three, 4 Year salary players on their team at one time. You are not required to have any 4 year salary players on your team. Signing a player to a 4 year salary will cost your team 4 FD's unless he is signed during a draft period where you are not charged any FD's.

3 Year Salary Players - There is no maximum level of 3 year salary players, although each team must stay under the salary cap of 56 years. You are not required to have any 3 year salary players on your team. Signing a player to a 3 year salary will cost your team 3 FD's unless he is signed during a draft period where you are not charged any FD's..

2 Year Salary Players -  There is no maximum level of 2 year salary players, although each team must stay under the salary cap of 56 years. You are not required to have any 2 year salary players on your team. Signing a player to a 2 year salary will cost your team 2 FD's unless he is signed during a draft period where you are not charged any FD's.

1 Year Salary Players - Each team will only be allowed to have a maximum of 24, 1 Year salary players on their team at one time. You are required to have at least 10, 1 year salary players on your team. Signing a player to a 1 year salary will cost your team 1 FD unless he is signed during a draft period.

Free Agency is when any Position Player or Pitcher is available and is not listed on a teams roster. Free Agents may be picked up during the Transaction Period. See Transactions for the rules on acquiring a Free Agent player. Players that are free agents at the end of the season will be available to be signed to a salary during the Free Agency Period or drafted in the Free Agent/Rookie Draft. The team that has the highest bid on a player during free agency will receive the player. Each player must be signed to a salary year once the team has won the bid. Your bid is the maximum amount of the salary years that you may sign the player to without further charges. You may also sign the player to a higher salary year, but you will need to use more FD's to do it. Example: A team bids 2 FD's and wins the player. He now can be signed to a 1 or 2 salary without any further charges. If you wish to sign him to a higher yearly salary (3,4,5 or franchise), it will cost 1 FD for each additional year added. If the bid is 5 FD's or more, you may sign him to a to a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 yearly salary without any other FD's be charged. Remember that Franchise salaries cost 10 FD's if you are signing a new player to a franchise salary anytime other than a draft. Players won in free agency will be listed on your rosters as 1 year salary players unless the league commission is advised other wise. Players won in free agency can have their salaries adjust up to the one bid amount without charges as above if sent in prior to the Rookie/Free Agent draft. Once the draft starts, the players salary year is locked. This means to up them it will cost the team 1 FD for each year increased no matter what he was won for in free agency. (Won bids that have been submitted as increased more then the 1 year will not be allowed to be decreased once posted)

A Restricted Free Agent is a Position Player or a Pitcher that has had their salary expire at the end of a season. The player will now be available to be bid on during the Free Agency Period. Each team may use there FD's to bid on the players available. After a team has won a bid on a player, the previous team owner may retain the player only if they are willing to match the bid. A team may also bid on there own restricted free agent. This is usually done to get the player listed on the free agent board in hopes of acquiring them back at a lower bid.  Remember if a restricted player is not bid on, they become unrestricted and will be available for the Rookie/Free Agent Draft.

Winter meetings - All teams can talk trade this week and  prepare for free agency. Trading will begin weekly during the trading period starting in free agency. Weekly trading rules apply with the last Thursday in period two three pending the league as the last day for trades in free agency. Trading will reopen at the start of the season. League Fees are due no later than 2/26/2022 for all teams. Trading rules apply as all trades must be sent to the commissioner by all teams in the trade to confirm the deal.  Trades will then be sent out to the league for a vote. 
Trading is allowed during free agency up until the final week of free agency. Trading will not be allowed during  any drafts.  After the Rookie/Free Agent draft has been completed, the rosters will be locked until 1 week prior to the start of the season. The exact dates will be posted prior to each season. Teams cannot make a trades unless their team is paid in full for that season, no questions asked.

A reminder on what can be traded:
Active roster players, FD's, Draft picks rounds 1, 2, and 3 for the 2022 Rookie Draft (You cannot trade the rights to retain a player, only the previous owner can retain a player) Draft picks cannot be traded for any rounds after round 3.

(Not used the initial season as you have a draft for all new leagues)
Free Agency bidding will begin February 27th. The bidding of free agents will be held on each leagues own bulletin board. 
2022 Free Agency PERIODS: 1 & 2
(1) First bidding period:
February 27 at 12:00 AM - March 3 at 11:59 PM
(Stale bids are 3 days)
(2) Second bidding period:
March 4 at 12:00 AM EST - March 7 at 6:00 PM
(Stale bids are 2 days)

Any bids made after Period two ends will have a 12 hour Stale time from the last bid made. No additional players can be added to the board after period 2 has ended.  Reminder, there are no cuts or trades allowed in the drafts.  Once free agency ends for your league, all rosters are locked so the drafts can begin and your rosters filled for all teams.

Bids must be minimum of 1 and in minimum increments of .5. You may start a bid at what you feel a player should be bid at as long as it is equal to or greater then 1.

Sample bid should look like this:
Bids should be posted like this:
Position and Player or Team Name  / Bid amount / Team making the bid
Examples:  SP Joe Mays / 7 FD's  / Executioners
                   1B Tony Clark / 5 FD's / Executioners

Once a bid has been submitted and posted on the board, a bid cannot be removed. A bid will only be removed by the commissioner if an owner has over bid their FD's. In this case it would be the last bid(s) posted that would be removed. Please do not over bid your FD's as a penalty will be enforced.

Commissioners Tip:  If the player is a restricted free agent, make sure to bid what they are worth to you as the previous will have the right to retain the player when they go stale.  If the player is unrestricted, bid low and try to win the bid for the lowest amount of FD's.  As the years go on, the more talent will be available so do not waist FD's in the early years.

First offense will be a warning and a 3 FD deduction from the refresh FD's after the rookie draft. Any Further over bids by that team would be 4 FD's per incident.

Once you place a bid on the board, others can bid on that player until the player goes stale. Teams can bid on players as long as they have enough FD's to cover any bids posted. If a team over bids their FD's, their most resent bids will be removed from the board. Once a bid has gone stale, bids can no longer be made on that player. Each team that has the restricted rights to a player will have up to 48 hours to retain that player unless the previous owner is away and had notified the commissioner. It is important to reply back with your intentions as teams cannot over bid their FD's. If a player is not retained during that time period, the team that has bid on the player will own his salary. The winning bid will be awarded to the team with the high bid. The player will be placed on the winning team and will be listed as a 1 year salary unless the winning bidder advises the commissioner other wise. Each team must not exceed the salary cap of 56 years. Over bidding your FD's is not allowed. Any owner over bidding their FD's will have the over bids removed from the board. After the Free Agency period has ended, the date for the FA/Rookie draft will be scheduled. See Free Agent/Rookie Draft for drafting information.

Cut players in the third Period of the Free agency cannot be re-picked up by the team that cuts them
Any players dropped in the third period of free agency cannot be re-picked up by the team that released him until the end of the Rookie/Free agent draft. This prevents an owner form dumping an expiring soon valued player. With out this rule, an owner could re-bid and win them at low non marketable FD amount.

Dropping one player on your roster for another player not on a roster. Each team will have unlimited transactions per week at a cost of 1 FD for each add representing a 1 year salary.

Transaction will open the season by waivers for the first week of adds.  After the first adds are done by waivers, transactions will be kept on and will be first come first serve.  Players that are dropped by a team will go through waivers of a 72 hour period. Everyone else will be fist come first serve. This will allow for transactions to stay open while we still use waivers for dropped players to free agency

Any transaction player that is added to a roster will be considered a 1 year salary player unless informed otherwise. Your team will be charged 1 FD for the 1 salary year. If you do not have enough FD's, your transaction will not be processed or will be switched back if it had been entered. Also make sure that you maintain the minimum requirements for your roster or the transaction will be denied.

A player that has a multi year salary that is dropped by a team cannot be re-picked up by that team through waivers.  They would need to wait 1 week from they time they clear waivers.  This is to prevent dropping multi year players and getting them back to extend salaries.

Because of waivers, it would have been possible to drop a player whom had an expiring salary at years end and re-picked him up the following week allowing the owner a chance to start fresh with that player.

The transaction period will begin 1 week prior to the start of the season through Waivers. After the initial waivers, the transactions will be turned on for the season.

Initial week one waivers will be from Tuesday at 3:00 AM EST until Thursday before 9:00 PM EST is the waiver period were it is worst to first. Waivers is reflected by the previous seasons standings worst to First or the reverse order of the initial draft depending on the age of the league (the Rookie/Free Agent draft order).

All transaction requests are submitted through the program.
To submit your transaction, you will go to your teams homepage by clicking on your teams identification. You will then click on Add/Waive located in the top of your page. Click on the add/waive link and you will then be required to enter your teams ID to enter your add/drops page.  Click on the free agent lists by position to make your selections.  Just click on the player and then select add.

In order to make an add you will need to make a drop. To drop a player, go to the add/waive link. From your roster, click on the player you wish to drop. Then click the waive button to release the player. You then can make your add.

The Last day to make a Add/Drop is Friday of week 20. 

1.  Add drops for the regular season will end on the Friday of week 20 at 11:59 PM.

2. Add drops are allowed in playoffs for all teams in the playoffs with a maximum of 1 add drop per week.  Time effective week 20 Saturday starting at 12 AM. Any player added during this time frame will be released once that teams season ends and the player will become an unrestricted free agent and the teams rosters spot will be empty going into free agency with a value of a 1 year salary.
A player must clear waivers before he can be picked up by another team. A player will have 72 hours on waivers.  To put in a request for a wavier player, go to add waive and click on waiver players. You will be able to put in for a waiver player where the highest wavier position team will receive them at a cost of 1 FD as it is a transaction.  Waivers to start the season will be worst to first based on the previous seasons results including playoffs.  Initial season leagues will be reverse order from the draft round 1(Effective as of the start of the 2016 season, Waiver order will carry forward year to year.)
Trading one player on your roster for another player on an active roster. Teams can trade players weekly, Monday at 9:00 AM EST through Friday at 9:00 PM EST.  When making a trade, make sure you have enough room under the salary cap and a yearly spot available. If you have any questions about salary eligibility, please check out Team Salary Cap in the rules. If you are trading a player for another player that has the same salary years, you will not be charged any FD's. If you are getting a player with more salary years, you will be charged the difference in FD's. If a trade is made that is uneven in players, the team receiving the additional player will be charged FD's for the extra salary for that player. The other owner would have to add another player in a transaction to keep the active roster full.

Trading is allowed during free agency until it's final week.

After the Rookie/Free Agent draft has been completed, the rosters will be locked until 1 week prior to the start of the season. The exact date will be posted prior to the Rookie/free agent draft each season.

Trading of Future Draft Picks (You will only be allowed to trade a future draft pick if you are paid in full for that season.  If you are not paid in full for that season, please do not submit the trade as it will not be sent out for a vote) This will be strictly enforced this year so if you want to trade future draft picks, you should pay for your future years prior to submitting that kind of trade. This benefits us all. You can actually pay for two years in advance and be a bit more creative with your trades.  ie.  Team A Trades Player A to Team B with the choice of there First round pick in 2021 or 2022 to be decided prior to free agency.  Again, this will be strictly enforced due to promises not kept by owners making future trades.  For the quality and commitment to our leagues this will be enforced for all teams, no exceptions.

Trading a Franchise player: If a Franchise player is traded, the team trading the Franchise player will be charged an additional 2 FD's by the league. Consider this a franchise out charge.

Trading will start during Free Agency. Trading can then  be made weekly until the final week of free agency. Trades will not be allowed during the Rookie/Free Agent draft.  Also, although trading of draft picks are allowed during the trading periods, you may only trade draft picks for rounds 1, 2, and 3 only.

Weekly trading can be made from Monday at 9:00 AM EST until Fridayday at 9:00 PM EST.
To submit a trade,
all trade requests must be E-mailed to the Commissioner. You must include your name, your team name, player (s) being traded, team name that you are trading with, and the player (s) being acquired. You must include the salaries of all players in the the trade as well or it will be sent back to the teams making the trade to correct. Trade confirmation must be sent in by all parties involved in the trade to have the commissioner submit it to the league for a vote. Forwarding a trade from another owner is not acceptable as each owner must send in their own confirmation. Rosters must be complete at all times and minimum positions requirements must be maintained. The salary of your team must never exceed the salary cap of 56 years. 

Trades can be made through week 14.  The last week to make trades is the Friday prior to week 15.

Trades will be submitted by the commission to the entire league for approval by e-mail. After a trade has been submitted to the commissioner for salary and FD approval, the trade will be sent to the entire league for a vote. Once a vote has been sent out to the league for a vote, the owners need to reply within 72 hours. In the case not enough votes are received, the commissioner will cast enough votes to approve or disapprove a trade.  If a trade seems fair to you you should reply with a Yes Vote.  If a trade seems to be to one-sided for one team, the owners should Vote No on the trade. All E-mail votes should be sent to the Commissioner. If 6 teams reject the proposal, the trade will be vetoed. If 6 teams vote to approve the trade will be passed. The commissioner will hold the right to cast up to two votes per trade. If there are not enough votes cast over the 72 hour time limit, the commissioner will cast enough votes to approve or disapprove the trade.  The commissioner will not overturn any decision made by the league if there are at least 6 votes submitted as approved or disapproved. The commissioner may also include comments on the trade to the league prior to them voting on the deal.  It is the responsibility of the commissioner to inform but not restrict trading. Each trade will be handled quickly. After the trade has been approved or disapproved, the Commissioner will E-mail the league with the results. If the trade is passed, the players are now available for your starting roster. During the regular season, any trades that are passed will be posted on the leagues homepage under Transactions. During free agency they will be sent to all by e-mail for confirmation. Trading draft choices during the season for the FA/Rookie drafts can be made as long as the teams involved are paid in full for that trade year. This does allow for future draft picks to be traded.  If you are not paid in full for the future years, do not send in a trade for future picks as they will not be accepted to be voted on.

Trade voting will be decided within 3 days from when a trade is sent out for a vote by the commissioner of Fantasytime Sports. If after 3 days the votes are not all received to approve or disapprove a trade, the league commissioner will cast the remaining votes to approve or disapprove the trade. Trades do not have to be replied to all, only the commissioner of Fantasytime Sports. Any trades that are disapproved by the league will be sent out with a comment by the commissioner on how the trade might be changed to be resubmitted for a new vote.  If a trade is turned down after the Thursday deadline, the teams would need to rework the deal and resubmit it the following week. If it is the final week of trading, the commissioner will allow the owners in that trade to submit a new proposal with 24 hours. This will be allowed one time if disapproved so if it was disapproved a second time the decision would be final.

League Approval after the vote:
Sometimes it is hard to recognize roster salaries until posted. Trades will not be official until posted to your team.  After a trade is approved by a vote, the commissioner will reply to the league as approved.  The trade is still not official until posted as salary cap issues would still need to be reviewed. If there are no roster infractions concerning salary cap or roster positions, the trade will be posted.  Any conflict will delay the posting until the infraction is resolved. If it is not resolved the trade would not be approved by the league. To prevent this from happening, makes sure your salary cap is available and  you have the roster spots to accommodate the trade.

When placing an active player on injured reserve, your team will be charged FD's. Your team will be charged 2 FD's to put a player on IR, and 1 FD to add another player to your active roster making them a 1 year salary player. In order to place a player on the IR, he must be listed on the MLB disabled list or out for the year. You will only be allowed to have a maximum of two players on the IR. Any IR player can be reactivated at any time. This does include the playoffs. There is no FD charges to active an IR player. A player that is on your IR and plays for one pitch in a given week, must be reactivated the following week. If you reactivate a player from IR, you will need to drop another player from your roster. Make sure that you meet all the requirements for your roster. If the IR player is not reactivated, he will need to be cut.  The same rules apply for IR moves that apply for transactions. Players will be picked up in the same way as the Free Agents. Please check out Transactions and Waiver Period for the pick up rules. IR moves can be made in the same time frame as transactions. The final day to put a player on IR is Friday of week 20 prior to 11:59 PM EST. A player on IR can be reactivated anytime. This does include the playoffs.  Any player that is on the IR at the end of the season will automatically be activated. The team will release a player to make room for the player or the IR player will become a free agent. The Player that is put on the IR is the salary value that will count against the cap. The player that is added for the IR player can only be signed as a one year salary until the IR player is reactivated or cut.

Players can only be put on IR if they are on the MLB disable list or out for the season do to injury  Players can not be put on IR if they are on suspension, benching, or any none injury.  IR is for injured players only.

Any conflicts will be determined by the commissioner. 

The drafts will be held live in our draft room.  Leagues will also meet in our chat room as the draft is going on for leagues that want to do this. The date and times will be posted as the leagues are formed. The initial draft order will be determined by dice rolls at Each team will have the dice rolled for them by the commissioner. The highest roll will win the first pick in the draft. The draft order will be from the highest total dice roll to lowest to complete the draft order. The draft will be in serpentine order. (1 -12, then 12 - 1) The draft will be 25 rounds long. Each team will draft 25 positions to fill all their roster spots.
The time limit for the draft picks are as follows:
Rounds 1 - 25, 2 minutes
Preparation is the key to a good draft. Time limits will be observed.

After the completion of the first season, a FA/Rookie draft will take place each year after Free Agency. The order of the FA/Rookie draft will be worst to first based on the previous year end season standings. Please review playoff brackets for exact draft rankings for the new season.

All teams must be paid in full prior to the Live Initial Draft or the winter meetings prior to the Free Agency Period. Late fees will be charged to any teams not paid at that time.

After the initial draft selection has taken place, each team will receive the draft order. All teams should fill out a list of pre-ranked players. This must be done so you are prepared to draft your team. Time limits for the draft will be enforced.

Draft choices for the initial draft cannot be traded. Players can be traded after the draft has been completed and the salary years assigned.

Rosters will be locked after the initial draft until one week prior to the start of the season. All salaries must be submitted prior to this time.

This draft will be worst to first in every round. The draft order will be based on the prior years final year end standings.  Please review playoff brackets for exact draft rankings for the new season. This will be a live draft and will be scheduled for each league and will be after the Free Agency period ends. The draft will last as long as teams need to fill the spots on their rosters. The players being drafted will be the rookies going into the MLB and any players that are not on a active roster in the league. Players that are drafted in this draft can be signed to any yearly salary for free without spending any of your Fantasytime Dollars (FD's).All teams must not exceed the salary cap of 56 years. This insures that all the teams will be able to complete their rosters if they have run out of FD's during the free agency bidding. Trades can be made for draft positions only after the Free Agency period as begun for the new season. Future draft choices can be traded only if the teams involved are paid in full for the future season.  See trading for the rest of the trading rules.

Players cannot be cut in the draft. The open spots you go into the draft must be filled. Once your roster is complete, your draft is done.

Cut players in free agency are only allowed. Cut players in the third period of free agency cannot be drafted by the team that cuts them. Any cuts in the third period of free agency will have the right to be bid on. Once the third period ends no more cuts are allowed to a roster.

Prepare your draft list and draft your own team in the live draft.
If you wish, you may submit a draft list for the commission to draft a team for you. Since you will know what pick you have in all the rounds, you will need to identify what position you want each round. EXAMPLE: Round 1SP, Round 2 1B, Round 3 OF, and so on. Make sure to have picked enough players at each position to meet the requirements of the roster.  All lists must be E-mailed or mailed to the Commissioner prior to the live draft.
If you do not want to participate in the live draft, you may have the league draft the team for you. This option is similar to the option above, but we do all the work for you. This is for the owners that want to have fun with a team but do not have the time to prepare for a draft.

The taxi squad is an extended roster that you may have on your team. Any player can be on this roster. They will be listed as being on your farm team on your roster page.  After the completion of the initial draft or the Rookie/Free agent draft, each team will be allowed to draft 3 additional players to be listed on there taxi squad. The draft order will be determined by the dice roll for each taxi squad initial draft. From then on, it will be the same order as the Rookie Free Agent draft each season. Trading of taxi squad draft order position is not allowed. The draft is the only time players can be put on the taxi squad unless they are traded for with another team. There will not be any transactions to add players to this squad. These players will not be allowed to play in a game unless activated. To activate a taxi squad player it will cost a team 1 FD. The team would also have to cut a player on there 25 man active roster to make room for them. A taxi squad is not intended to be used as a IR roster so players can only be added to the Taxi squad one time per season after the initial draft or Rookie/Free agent draft. A taxi squad player can be traded for a charge of 1 FD to the team receiving the player. That team can activate him immediately without an activation cost. If a team is acquiring a taxi squad player and not activating them they will still be charged the 1 FD for the trade and the player will remain as a taxi squad player. Maximum amount of players on a taxi squad is 3 players. If a team is acquiring a player and already has 3 they would need to cut a player or activate and cut a active roster player to make room for them. Once a trade has been completed and it is determined the player will remain on the taxi squad, the move is final. In the future if he is to be activated to the active roster, you will be charged 1 FD. You cannot IR a taxi Squad Player only active roster players that meet the IR rules.

(Team A trades a taxi player to Team B for a taxi player, each team would be charged 1 FD each and they both remain taxi squad players).
(Team A trades an active player to Team B for a taxi Player. Team A then needs to have room on his taxi squad and is charged 1 FD for the taxi player or can activate him and cut a active roster player. Team B needs to cut an active roster player and will be charged FD's for the years of the salary)
(Team A trades 3 FD's to Team B for a taxi Squad player. Team A is charged 1 additional FD for the taxi squad player and needs to have a sport open on the taxi squad for the player or can active them now with out charge and cut an active roster player).

Any questions in regard to a trade and charges can be forwarded to the commissioner for a pre trade explanation.

All Taxi Squad players will become unrestricted free agents at the end of the season. If a team wishes to active them at years end they would need to do so at the charge of 1 FD and have to cut a active roster player. The player would then be listed as a 1 year salary and would be a restricted free agent unless increased to a higher salary.

(Team A activates a taxi squad player and cuts a active roster player at a charge of 1 FD). (Team A activates a taxi squad player and cuts a active roster player at a charge of 1 FD and makes them a 2 year salary for 1 FD, total 2 FD's. This player would now be listed as a 2 year salary player).

Special exemption: If a positional player on the Taxi squad is a true Rookie and has not played in more then 20 Games in any one season in the Major leagues, they can be carried forward to the next season with out being lost to free agency.  Pitchers that have not played in more then 12 games in any one season can be carried forward to the next season without being lost.
Positional players that play in the major leagues in any season more then 20 games in one season are not consider rookies.  Pitchers that play in the major leagues in any season more then 12 games in one season are not consider rookies.

Standings will not be official until Tuesday each week.  League updates will be posted real time for the 2020 season.  It is important to remember that scoring is not official as the games are going on as sometimes updates are not always correct as official scoring may change as the games are evaluated by the official MLB scorers.

LEAGUE NAME :  All leagues will be given their own name. The league names will remain the same each year. Rivalries will be created and friends will be made.

LEAGUES :  Each league will be made up of 12 teams.

DIVISIONS :  Each league will have 2 Divisions made up of 6 teams.
The teams will be placed in the divisions based on the draft order that they have. Division will be grouped by theses draft positions: D1 = (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) D2 = (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) The teams will remain in the same Divisions each year. This should create rivalries within the league.

Each team will play a 20 week season game schedule. The schedules will be posted after the draft order has been selected. Each team will play one game per week. Each game last from Monday - Sunday each week. Effective as of the start of the 2017 season, We will have one bye week, no games to be scheduled during the week of the MLB all-star game. The game that was to be played that week will be played in week 21. Playoffs will start week 22. 

The prize playoffs will consist of the top 6 seeded teams.  The top team in each division will receive the #1 and #2 seeds in the playoffs with best record of the two receiving the #1 seed.

The 2 Division winners will get a bye in round 1.

The teams with the 4 next best records would play in the playoff Prize round.  Only 6 teams will make the playoffs for a chance at the prizes. 

Also the results of the 6 tops teams will received the 12 - 7 spots in the free agent rookie draft.
The results of the playoffs will determine the draft order for the Rookie Draft.  The losers in round one will get the #7 and #8 seed. The higher season ranked team will get the higher draft pick in each round. The same will be for round two and in the Finals, the champion will receive the 12 draft pick.

Week 22
#1 seed bye and #2 seed bye
#3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5           losers will get the #7 & #8 Draft spots
Week 23
#1 vs (highest seed winner)        losers will get the #9 & #10 Draft spots
#2 vs (lowest seed winner)
Week 24 and 25
Championship game            Runner up will get the #11 & champion the #12 pick

he remaining 6 teams draft order will be determined as follows:

Seeds #7 & #8

The teams seeded (#7 and #8) play in week 21 and the loser gets the #6 seed and the winner gets the #5 seed in the following years rookie draft.

Seeds ##9, #10, #11, and #12

The teams seeded (#9, #10, #11, and #12) will be seeded from bottom to top for the rookie draft in that order from draft picks 1 to 4.

A tie (excluding the Fantasytime Diamond Championship game) will be decided by the following:
The total bench points. If the tie is still not broken, then it will be the highest starting pitching staffs score. If not then, it will continue with the starting 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CA, OF total , and then the same with the bench. If this does not settle it, (RARE) dice roll and high roll wins.
Summary in order: Total Bench, Starting P's, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CA, OFT, then the same with the Bench, and then Coin Flip.

This is for the seeding for the top spot in each division.
A tie in Division standings will be decided by the following:
1. Overall Record
2. Division Record
3. Head to Head Record (if more then 2 teams are tied, one team must have swept all the games played within the teams tied. If not, then this is not used. All teams must have played each other as well.)
4. Total Points
5. Division Points
6. Coin Flip

This is for the seeding in the playoffs spots (3 - 6) and (7 - 12)
A tie in standings will be decided by the following:
1. Overall Record
2. Total Points
3. Head to Head Record *
*(if more then 2 teams are tied, one team must have swept all the games played within the teams tied. If not, then this is not used. All teams must have played each other as well.)
4. Division Record
5. Division Points.
6. Head to Head Points
7. Coin Flip.

The FANTASYTIME DIAMOND CHAMPIONSHIP will be held in week 24 and 25. It will be the total score for the two week total. New lineups for week 2 can be set up like you do each week.  If there is a tie, the tie will be broken by the team who scored the most in week 2 of the championships. If another tie occurs, the normal tie-breaker rules will be followed.

Position Eligibility:
Games Played at a position last season, Minimum 10 games +
Games Played at a position this season, Minimum 10 games

Pitchers are considered SP until they qualify as a RP if they have not appeared in relief for a minimum of 10 games.  This is the case for all rookie pitchers as well.

Players will be allowed to have multi position availability if they qualify.

Position Eligibility - This is the minimum number of times a player has actually played a particular position to be eligible in your fantasy league to play that position:

The total of 2020 and 2021
2020+2021 = 10 games at a position
Players update the following week not the same week.

Example: 7 games as 1B 2019 + 3 Games as 1B 2020 = eligible for 1B

If a player did not player in the previous season, there last MLB season would count as their previous year.

Example played in 2019 and not in 2020, 2019 would count. If a player played in at least one game, that is considered the previous season.

Rookie status Eligibility for free agency Players:
Positional Player Status (20 games or less = Rookie)
Pitchers Rookie Status: (12 games or less = Rookie)

Games Played last season, Minimum 20 games.
If a player was on a active roster from the previous season and is a restricted free agent, they will be considered eligible for free agency. If they are unrestricted, they are considered rookies if they did not play in more then 20 games.  Rookie positions will be determined by the MLB rankings and the Commissioner will rule on any conflicts with the best interest of the league. The official MLB site would be used to settle any disputes.


Any owner having a protest, must file the protest with the Commissioner. The protest will be determined by the league rules and the Commissioner's judgment. If the Commissioner feels the protest is unclear, he will ask the league to vote on the issue. If the protest involves scoring, three forms of proof should be provided to support your claim. All protests must be submitted before the next week's games begin. Weekly Deadlines close Saturday night at 11:00 PM EST. No protests will be excepted after the close of the following week.  (you have 1 WEEK to file a protest from the time in question) Example: Stat error for week one could be protested only until prior of week 3. Once wee three starts it would be to late for a protest).

Rule changes will only be made if it is in the best interest of the league. All rule changes would have to be passed by the league owners if it was in the middle of the season or a major change to the league. Our leagues are all about fun and interacting with others. We try to run our leagues on a personal and professional level and build relationships with our customers.

Just in case an untimely event should occur in the first year, refunds will only be available prior to a teams initial draft. No refunds will be given after you have drafted your players. For every year after, the League Fees will be due prior to the winter meetings or free agency period. No refunds will be given after the free agency period has begun.  No Refunds for teams paid in advance for trading future assets.

Team Removal and League Wide Termination
We are doing our best to keep your personnel information private.  It is forbidden to spam other owners with advertising for personnel gains or other ventures other then Fantasytime Sports. Any owner acting in this manner without the permission of Fantasytime Sports will be removed and band from our leagues.  Any owner distributing or advertising using our owners e-mail address will be band and removed from our leagues. Please be thoughtful of others and respect the hard work we have done over the years for you.
Fantasytime Sports is all about fair and fun play for all owners. We promote a high quality interaction with the commissioner and provide bulletin boards and chat rooms for the owners to use. At no time should owners use the boards to down grade an owner or the leagues. Trash talking is fine as it is a part of the game, but it should be limited to the players playing for the owners and not disrespect for the league and its owners. Vulgarity and predigests is not allowed and can cause banishment from the leagues. Please respect others and treat them with the respect you would want.

Fantasytime Sports
Derry, NH 03038