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Keeper Cap Leagues 2015

The Keeper Cap leagues

KEEPER CAP LEAGUES established with franchise owners:
PLATINUM - League formed in 2000
BRONZE - League formed in 2001
COPPER - League formed in 2001 - 2009
GOLD - League formed in 2000 
-  League formed in 2001
Titanium - League formed in 2001
Diamond League - League formed in 2002
Iron League
League formed in 2002

Want to look at the available Regular Season leagues as well?  
Available Regular Season Leagues

Please check out the Keeper Cap RULES for complete details on Drafting, Free Agency, and Fantasytime Dollars.

League Fees:

  • A one time only Team Registration Fee of $25.00 
  • A annual $50.00 League fee.

No other charges for transactions or trades ever.  That equals out to be $75.00 the first season and $50.00 for every season there after.

Keeper Cap league prizes Over $285.00 in cash prizes and more.

Keeper Cap Leagues are for those team owners that wish to draft and own their own franchise year in and year out. Rivalries will be created and friends will be made. If you wished you had the money to own your own football team, here is your chance. If you are submitting a 12 team league, you may create your own league name. League names should be clean and unique. A league wishing to change their league name must have complete league approval.  Keeper Cap leagues are run and played year round.

SIGN UP HERE for the Fantasytime Sports Keeper Cap Leagues.

If you are entering a complete league, please submit all your team names and your league name.

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