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Whoops!! Whiskey Jacks
Mississippi Bully's DD's Grand Slam
Raging Rockets Bilz Boyz
Hayes Nation Ya Jackwagon
San Diego Storm NH HITTERS
Robot Brent

Link to the Hardcore League weekly Program
League fees for this league are due by 2/27/19.
League Payment Information is at the bottom of this page.

Draft order 2019 Rookie Listed below: first 4 rounds / trades made listed

1 Addison
3 Bilz Boyz
4 DD`s Grand Slam
5 Raging Rockets
6 Mississippi Bullys
7 Whiskey Jacks
8 Robot Brent
9 Whoops
10 Ya Jackwagon
11 Hayes Nation
12 San Diego Storm

Click here -->  Bulletin & Bid Board

Rosters with Salaries

Hardcore Salary Cap information - FD Totals and Team Cap
Hardcore Restricted Free agents
- used for 2019 free agency

Winter Meetings 2019 - February 19 - February 22          
All teams can talk trade this week and prepare for free agency. Trading will begin weekly during the trading period starting in free agency. Weekly trading rules apply with the last Thursday in period three as the last day for trades in free agency. Trading will reopen at the start of the season. League Fees are due no later than 2/27/2018 for all teams.

Free Agency Period 2019:

The free agency period for the Hardcore League will start on February 27 at 12:00 AM EST and last until March 7 at 6:00 PM EST.

Free Agency Bidding period will be as follows:
1 & 2

1) From 2/27 at 12:00 AM until 3/3 at 11:59 PM
Stale bid is 3 days from last bid cast on a player.          

2) From 3/4 at 12:00 AM until 3/7 at 6:00 PM
Stale bid is 2 days from last bid cast on a player.          

Any bids made after Period two ends will have a 12 hour Stale time from the last bid made. No additional players can be added to the board after period 2 has ended.  Reminder, there are no cuts or trades allowed in the drafts.  Once free agency ends for your league, all rosters are locked so the drafts can begin and your rosters filled for all teams.

Bids must be a minimum of 1 and in minimum increments of .5.  You may start a bid at what you feel a player should be bid at as long as it  is equal to or greater  then 1.

See the rules for penalties for over bidding and restrictions on releasing players in free agency and in the Rookie/Free Agent draft

Bids should be posted like this:
Position and Player or Team Name  / Bid amount / Team making the bid
Examples:  SP Joe Mays / 7 FD's  / Executioners
                   1B Tony Clark / 5 FD's / Executioners

Once a player or team has been bid on, any further bids on that player or team should be done on the same thread. If you want to bid on a posted player or team, click on the bid and post a reply to the post.  Each post has the time and date listed. Every time a bid is made the time starts over again just like a new bid. Any Restricted Free Agents not bid on during the free agent period will become a unrestricted free agent and will be available for the FA/Rookie Draft. Once a bid has been placed on the board it is deemed official and will not be removed.

Draft order for Rookie/FA Draft 2019

Round 1

Round 2 

Round 3 

Round 4

We will have as many Rounds as needed to fill all rosters.

The draft order reflects the results from the 2018 season.  The rookie/free agent draft will take place in our live draft room or by e-mail depending on the league preference. The Draft date will be set after the free agency period has started for the new season. We will have as many rounds as needed to fill each roster.  Some teams may not draft if they have already filled their roster in free agency.  (There will be no trading or cuts allowed in the draft) Once a teams roster is full, they will be done for the draft and will not be allowed pick again.

Trading will start week 1 of Free Agency. The date for the winter meetings will be posted after rosters lock for the 2018 season.  Trading will then lock until Free Agency starts.  Trading can then be made up during the weekly trading period during free agency. The final week of free agency is the final week of trading in the off season. Trades will not be allowed during the Rookie/Free Agent draft.  Also, although trading of draft picks are allowed during the trading periods, you may only trade draft picks for rounds 1, 2, and 3 only.  Trading will reopen the week prior to the season based on the weekly trading rules. The week prior to week 13 will be the last week of trading for the regular season.

A reminder on what can be traded:
Active roster players, FD's, Draft picks rounds 1, 2, and 3 for the 2019 Rookie Draft
(You cannot trade the rights to retain a player, only the previous owner can retain a player)

Trading of Future Draft Picks (You will only be allowed to trade a future draft pick if you are paid in full for that season.  If you are not paid in full for that season, please do not submit the trade as it will not be sent out for a vote)  This will be strictly enforced this year so if you want to trade future draft picks, you should pay for your future years prior to submitting that kind of trade.

Trading Submits:

All trade requests must be E-mailed to the Commissioner.  You must include your team name, player (s) being traded, Salaries of the players in the trade, team name that you are trading with, and the player (s) being acquired with their salaries.  Please include the salary of the players in the trade when submitting a trade or it will be sent back to you to resubmit. Trades must be submitted by both teams before the trade deadline each week. The trade deadline is week prior to week 15 games.  Rosters must be complete at all times and minimum positions requirements must be maintained. Once a trade is sent out for a vote by the commissioner, the trade is considered official and cannot be taken off the trade board until voted on.  The vote will determine the approval or disapproval. The salary of your team must never exceed the salary cap of 56 years.

After the 2019 Rookie/Free Agent draft has been completed, the rosters will be locked until the week prior to the start of the season. Trading will then open that week as well per our league rules.


Payment Options

Baseball League Subscription Payment options

League Fee $80.00 (Subscription Purchase of team by a new owner)
The Franchise fee is $25.00 with a $55.00 Annual Charge

 Franchise Fee Only at this time $25.00
(Franchise fee payment only.)

The Franchise fee is $25.00

 League Fee $55.00
(Purchase of team, 2 season in league owner)

League fees for 2nd season owners of the $55.00 Annual Charge

League fees for this league are due February 27.
Please click on the PayPal icon above if paying by credit card and select your option.
If you prefer, check or money orders may be sent to:  

Fantasytime Sports
44 Kristin Drive
Derry, NH 03038

e-mail: info@fantasytimesports.com

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League information:

League History: Formed in 2000

2015 Champion DDs Grandslam 409 Runner up Gold Rush 351.5
2016 Champion San Diego Storm 372.5 Runner up Ya Jackwagon 263.5
2017 Champion San Diego Storm 374.5 Runner up DDs Grandslam 173.5
2018 Champion   San Diego Storm  353.5  Runner up Hayes Nation  315

If you have any questions or problems, e-mail the Commissioner.

Help Information:

Help! I need the e-mail addresses for the other owners:
info@fantasytimesports.com If you are not in this league, don't ask.

Fantasytime Sports
44 Kristin Drive
Derry, NH 03038

e-mail: info@fantasytimesports.com


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